We build beautiful websites that work.

...and other stuff too!

Tell us about the 'other stuff'


We've developed a product: midbi.

It's geared towards tourism destinations.

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We don't just use WordPress, we turn it inside out.

Custom plugins and custom themes

We are WordPress GURUS


Seriously, if you've seen it on the web, we can make it.

We'll probably build it using PHP, Javascript, HTML5, and CSS3.

We are collaborators

The owner and operator of Underscore Solutions is Jennifer Hood.

Her team is comprised of designers extraordinaire, Javascript pros, WordPress officiandos, CSS wizzes, and copywriters of all kinds.
(Do you qualify as one of the above? Drop Jen a line, she's always looking for talented people to collaborate with.)

Underscore Solutions is built on a "Collaborative Business Model". There are lots of ways you can hear her talk about this (at length). Tweet her, write her an e-mail, or book her to speak at an event.

We are located in Ottawa, Ontario

If you're interested in working with us, we'd be happy to bid on your project and send you a fancy proposal.


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